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NLP’s checkology® virtual classroom is an innovative space where students discover how to effectively navigate today's challenging information landscape by mastering the core skills and concepts of news literacy.

It equips students with the tools to interpret the news and information that shape their lives so they can make informed decisions about what to believe, share and act on — and ultimately become active members of civic society.

This is a dream come true for teachers.

 Judith Dahill, librarian, High School for Fashion Industries, New York City

The Best of Blended Learning

The checkology® virtual classroom — created for grades 8-12 — is designed to be flexible and can be used by educators anywhere. Its 12 core lessons can be completed in 15 to 20 hours by students who have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Teachers can tailor the experience to fit their students’ abilities, resources and schedules, drawing from several models of implementation.

The platform is offered through a “freemium” model, with Basic (free) and Premium (subscription) versions. But, for a limited time, teachers can register to use the Premium version at no charge.

The Basic version gives teachers a unique login that allows them to share the virtual classroom with their students in a one-to-many format (for example, using an LCD projector).

The Premium version provides access to many more features, including individual student logins to unlock one-to-one delivery, self-pacing, saved progress, individual assessments and lightweight LMS functions. Students can earn points and badges in recognition of their engagement and their application of new skills. A discussion wall offers them a place to reflect on key questions, share and comment on the news and information they encounter daily, and post examples of their work.

Other features of the Premium version include:

  • Personalization
  • Rich formative assessment
  • Remediation
  • Student challenges
  • Detailed teacher's guide

checkology® will enable teachers of all content areas, English to AP Government, to engage students through a virtual classroom and challenge them to think critically about what credible information is and where it comes from … In my 7 years as a classroom teacher, I have not seen any digital curriculum as relevant or engaging as checkology®.

Kyle Morean, former technology and media literacy teacher, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Washington, D.C.

Authentic, Engaging and Focused

As students progress through the checkology® platform, journalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NBC News and other news outlets are joined by experts on the First Amendment and digital media to guide them through each lesson’s core concepts. These e-learning experiences use real-world examples of news and information that test students’ emerging skills and lead them to mastery.

NLP’s popular Virtual Visits, in which journalists lead live online discussions of news literacy concepts with classrooms across the country, provide even more timely real-world learning. These interactive news literacy lessons draw on current trends and events and are offered to Premium subscribers throughout each semester.

Check It Out

Students synthesize what they have learned in the checkology® virtual classroom by using NLP’s “Check Tool," a step-by-step process designed to help them evaluate the credibility of a piece of information they select from an online source. The tool can be used and reused as students practice their newly acquired skills.

The News Literacy Project's checkology® virtual classroom is the most effective classroom resource I'm aware of to make certain that our students are media savvy for the challenges that await them in the 21st Century.

Eric Nadelstern, the former chief schools officer for the New York City Department of Education and a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College. 

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