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Recommended Reading on the News Literacy Front

Frank Baker, a media literacy consultant and member of the project’s advisory committee, has recommended the following for teachers and those interested in news literacy matters:


1) "Turning Pages: High School Journalism in Transition" is a recent article in The Nation that examines the decline of high school journalism programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and some efforts to buck that trend.

2) Using Newspapers in the Classroom is a collection of newspaper-based activities to use in the classroom with young adults and adults.

3) "Fact-Finding on the Campaign Trail" is a column in the Akron Beacon Journal by Bill Lyons, the director of the Center for Conflict Management at the University of Akron, urging voters to consult a wide range of news sources and check their facts.

 4) "National Newspaper Week, Classroom Ideas & Resources" draws attention to the role newspapers play in daily life and offers activities and online resources to explore newspapers in the classroom.

Please share other news reports, commentary and books here that promote news literacy in the classroom and elsewhere.