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Broadcast Report Produced by Students in the News Literacy Project is on PBS Website

A broadcast piece done by students participating in the News Literacy Project in Chicago is now posted on the site.

The piece, “Peer Pressure,” was produced by nine middle schools students in the spring of 2010. Three seasoned radio journalists and NLP fellows—Natalie Moore and Lynette Kalsnes, both of WBEZ public radio, and Irene Tostado of Univision—worked with the students to help them plan and produce the 6-minute radio report.

After hearing the piece, the NewsHour Extra editor asked to profile two of the students who worked on the project. Courtney Griffin and Deanna James both put together a reflection piece to accompany an embedded copy of the actual report. They did this in a very short amount of time, and on deadline--just like journalists.

Both Courtney and Deanna report an increased interest in journalism as a result of their participation in NLP and their work on this report. Courtney, now a freshman in high school, is interested in studying journalism in college, and Deanna, a seventh grader, is looking forward to participating in the News Literacy Project again this spring.