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Help Test NLP’s checkology® Virtual Classroom

The News Literacy Project’s checkology® virtual classroom is here! 


It is a dynamic online library of news literacy learning experiences with rich, engaging interactive lessons hosted by real-world professionals, including well-known journalists and experts in digital media and the First Amendment. It gives teachers access to NLP’s comprehensive curriculum, along with a set of optional challenges and other digital tools to help them tailor each module to their students’ needs and interests.

The virtual classroom offers two levels of access: Premium (one-to-one) and Basic (one-to-many).

The Premium version includes features such as:

  • Student sign-in credentials for self-paced e-learning

  • Teacher monitoring, assessment evaluation and moderating functions

  • Student discussion wall

  • An integrated points system

  • Digital badges that document students’ mastery of concepts and skills

  • Access to one or more real-time virtual news literacy lessons with our journalist fellows

This spring, NLP is offering the Premium version of the checkology® virtual classroom at no cost for teachers who want to pilot the platform.

To participate, sign up for a Basic account at If you register without an access code, you will be asked if you would like to upgrade. Click “Upgrade” and fill out the simple form. We will then send you a unique access code for your school that unlocks Premium features. 

The spring pilot runs from March 1 through the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

Sign up today!