2010 Supporters

Major Foundation and Corporate Donors

Ford Foundation
McCormick Foundation
David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation
Gannett Foundation
Chicago Tribune Foundation
Brian and Gwen Potiker Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Daniel L. Nir & Jill E. Braufman Family Foundation Inc.
Leslie Hill Charitable Fund
Linda Gelfond Family Foundation
The New York Times

Individual Donors ($1,000 and above)

Victoria Elenowitz
Patricia Gottesman
Gwen Ifill
John Carroll
Bettina Chandler
Nancy Bard and Don Baer
Alison Bernstein
Tom Bettag
David and Katherine Bradley
Neil Budde
Leonard Downie Jr. and Janice Downie
Michael and Debra McCurry
Alan Miller
Ira and Myrna Miller
Jerry and Lynne Miller
Martin and Anita Miller
Yasmin Namini
Peter Kadzik and Amy Weiss

Individual Donors (less than $1,000)

Sonya Anderson
Anne Asher
Dr. Judith Bader
Edward B. Cohen and Charlene Barshefsky
Anthony and Delores Beilson
Harvey Schulweis and Barbara Benerofe
Robert and Sally Blackman
Henry Birnkrant
Margie Capron
Holly and Robert Carter
Mary Chambers
Elaine Daniels
Fred and Edith Danzig
Bill and Sheila Dawe
Martha Denckla
Jerome and Beatrice Edelman
Gilbert Edes
Bonnie and Larry Fenster
Pamela Fine
Alan Fram
Juliet Glennon
Sid and Sharon Granetz
Nancy Greenspan
Ellie Henderson
Kayce Jennings
Hilary and Alex Joel
Marvin Kalb
Lester Kretman
Norman and Betty Lasker
Chuck Lewis
Bob and Norma Lippman
Melvin Margulis
Susan and Peter Osnos
Dana Perino
Terry Peterson
Francis Raiford
Bruce T. and Shannon J. Russell
Charles Biebauer and Susanne Schafer
Joan and Jerry Scheckman
Vivian Schiller
Florence M. Schiffman
Mary Ann Schissel
Ilene R.W. and Howard S. Schneider
Martin Saiman and Barbara Sheib
Alexis Simendinger
Edward and Suzanne Skloot
Sheila Solomon
Greg Thomas
Hugh Trout
Antoine van Atgmael
Arthur S. Vener
Laura Walker
Marsha and Danny Wasser
John W. Carlson and Mona Yacoubian
Alvin and Ruth Rockoff
Jay and Audrey Gross
Marty and Lola Spritzer
Donald and Janet Zagoria