2009 Supporters

Major Foundation and Corporate Donors

Ford Foundation
McCormick Foundation
James S. and John L. Knight Foundation
David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation
Philip L. Graham Fund
Gannett Foundation


Individual Donors ($1,000 and above)

Soledad O’Brien and Brad Raymond
Victoria Elenowitz
John Carroll
Leonard Downie Jr. and Janice Downie
Elizabeth McNamara
Alan Miller
Martin and Anita Miller


Individual Donors (less than $1,000)

Judith L. Bader, M.D
Lorrie and Kate Bradley-Ferrall
Thomas R. Bettag and Louis Bryson
Neil Budde
Mary Chambers
Roy Peter Clark
Lucy Eisenberg
Thomas Frank
Edes P. Gilbert
John S. Gomperts
Richard Goodstein
Dr. Roger E. Herst
Elizabeth Johnson Hudson
Marvin Kalb
Todd Kennedy
Thomas C. Lansworth
Charles R. Lewis III
Paul S. and Evelyn A. Mason
Robert Burchell & Catherine Mathis
Peter McMahon
Yasmin Namini
Terrance K. Peterson
Valerie Reitman
David and Victoria Riskin
Vivian Schiller
Ilene Schneider
Marilyn Skony Stamm
Douglas Teitelbaum
Richard Thomas
Antoine W. van Agtmael
Henry and Janet Waxman