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Columbia Journalism Review

Jihii Jolly

Premium offerings for reader engagement look an awful lot like news literacy

"News literacy has been formalized (largely by Stony Brook University and the News Literacy Project) as the skill of verifying and critically consuming news and information. Its pioneers are seasoned journalists who have created curricula to help readers understand what goes into reporting a story, so they too can think like journalists while attempting to navigate the torrential amounts information online. Times Insider pieces, for instance, sound a lot like NLP’s lesson in which McClatchy Middle East Bureau Chief Nancy Youssef skypes in from Beirut for a Q&A with high school students (here’s an account from a student at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn). And while they might choose to simply call it a more robust reader engagement experience, it seems that news organizations have tapped into a hunger for news literacy—and are packaging it as a premium product."

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